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Visual arts course of Ratti Foundation

The Antonio Ratti Foundation, based in Como, was founded in 1985 by the eminent citizen whose name it bears. The Foundation owns a very important textile collection, since the beginnings of textile art until present days, which is still preserved and studied. Since its establishment, the Foundation, located in a historic villa on Lake Como, has aimed, since the begging, not only to consolidate the study and promotion of world textile art and its history, but also artistic experimentation, the study of art theory, history and cinema. The Advanced Course in Visual Arts, which proposes dialogue and comparison between contemporary artists as a study method, represents an important contribution to the training of many young contemporary artists, such as Elisabetta Di Maggio. In addition, the Centre organises antique and newer textiles expositions, often as a comparison with contemporary artists' works, by recalling patterns, geometric patterns and work methods.