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Manlio Rho's studio

Como are gathered. The abstract painter became a point of reference for the fervent lariana (Lake Como area) artistic life: Manlio Rho created a gathering space that probably facilitated a comparison between artists, the creation of a certain unity that can be seen, for example, in their participation in the 1942 Biennial. The painter from Como worked and taught technical drawing at the Istituto del Setificio in Como, where Carla Badiali was also trained. Manlio Rho's studio was furnished with his own designs, filled with books, documents and photographs that showed how the studio was lived by artists of the caliber of Carla Badiali, Carla Prina and Cordelia Cattaneo, as well as Mario Radice, Aldo Galli and the rationalist architects Cattaneo, Lingeri and Terragni.