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Hotel Posta

Giuseppe Terragni, Hotel Posta, via Garibaldi 2, 1929-31

The project events of Hotel Posta began with the demolition of an old building on the corner of Via Garibaldi and Piazza Volta. In his first project, Giuseppe Terragni used the entire surface of the lot, emphatically emphasising the curve of the corner towards the piazza with a forepart. After the disapproval by the Municipality, he worked on the modifications, proposing a solution where the surface area for the construction looks reduced by reintroducing the forepart on Piazza Volta only on the ground floor and on first floor. However, even this solution was not accepted. Terragni was therefore forced to renounce rationalist solutions, at least as far as the exterior is concerned. So, for the interior he created spaces that were in strong contrast to the approved exterior in a 'neo-classical' style: he studied all the details, from the entrance wall to the layout of the restaurant and the atrium where he also defined the furnishing elements (the restaurant chair and table and the details of the bureau furniture). Today the building interior has been partially dismantled while maintaining the structure. The furniture designed by Terragni no longer exists. Only two lamps remain over the entrance towards Via Garibaldi.