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Exhibition of cinematographic scenography

The exhibition of Scenography and Cinematography (Exhibition of Cinematographic Scenography and Costume Design in Cinema) was held in the autumn of 1936 at the prestigious Villa Olmo. The event was a continuation of the Milanese ones immediately preceding it promoted by the Sindacato Nazionale Fascista dei Registi (National Fascist Union of Directors), presenting the works of Italian artists and directors, to emphasise the importance of the peninsula in the history of cinema. The exhibition was characterised by an experimental and innovative set-up at that time. At the centre of the halls, metal supports raised mirrored panels, on which sequences of frames narrating the history of cinema were hung. The first sketches of the artist Luigi Veronesi were exhibited, the "abstract films" by the painter Luigi Veronesi and the model "Il Paese del Cieco"(The Land of the blind) by Regina. In 1927, a second edition of the Exhibition of Cinematographic Scenography was organised, also held in the halls of Villa Olmo.