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Ciliberti and valori primordiali (primordial values)

Franco Ciliberti was the promoter of the adventure known as "Valori Primordiali"(Primordial Values) and of the homonymous magazine "Valori Primordiali"(Primordial Values) published in Milan in 1938. The magazine is a fundamental junction to understand the cultural climate that developed in Como towards rationalism and abstractionism. The publication was promoted by Franco Ciliberti, and financed by Adriano Ghiron, with the participation of Raffaele De Grada and architects Pietro Lingeri and Giuseppe Terragni. Inside of it, there were signatures that recognised themselves in the term 'primordialism', which managed to bring together artists, architects and cultural personalities with very different political ideas and representing very different artistic currents. Inspired by 'primordiality', some artists, intellectuals, architects and writers, involved in the same magazine, discussed literature, visual art and architecture.  The magazine gave rise to the desire to found a group, the Gruppo Primordiali Futuristi (Primordial Futurist Group), in 1941, whose manifesto was signed by artists and architects from Como such as Manlio Rho, Giuseppe Terragni, Mario Radice, Cesare Cattaneo and Carla Badiali.