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Cemetery Chapel for Gianni Stecchini

Giuseppe Terragni, Cemetery Chapel for Gianni Stecchini, Campo C, Monumental Cemetery, 1930-31

The design of the Stecchini Cemetery Chapel intersects with the commission for the Pirovano Chapel to be built just in front. Both take into account the theme already identified by Terragni for the Ortelli chapel: two cells set one inside the other. In the Stecchini Chapel, however, the research goes further, towards a compositional solution that also involves the outer shell, given its intended location in the central area of the cemetery. Terragni defined the form starting from the symbolic contents: the relationship between the exterior, that refers to mortal life, and the interior, that represents eternity. The shrine is formed by large blocks of serizzo with regular courses and columns of the same material that support the cornice with the broken tympanum on the front. The corners of the exterior masonry are solid and sharp-edged. The doors are made of bronze, the floor is made of black granite while the crypt is entirely covered with light and dark gray marble.