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AMILA headquarter

Pietro Lingeri, AMILA headquarter, Via Regina, 19, Tremezzo, Bolvedro, 1927-1947

The two-level configuration of the AMILA headquarters (Italian Lario Motorboat Association) is determined by the configuration of the place, characterised by significant differences in height within a lot bordered on one side by the Bolvedro stream. The two floors have different functions: the lower one, partially underground, is used for sports activities, thanks to its connection with the lake, while the upper one used to house the association's members in a large reception hall and service rooms.  A terrace is placed on the roof that allowed to watch the motorboat races. The different levels are connected by two staircases: a spiral one at the side and a central one. Lingeri took his inspiration for the building's form from naval architecture, testifying to the influence of Le Corbusier's thinking on the machine building. Upstream, the construction closes with an advanced body in a semicircle containing, inside a tower, the staircase that leads to the terrace, while towards the lake it opens with a curvilinear block projecting beyond the outline of the building. The balcony marking the different levels is a further reference to the world of yachting, as well as the chromatic choices applied. The external cladding is in white cementite, interrupted by blue in the recesses, overhangs and ceilings, and repeated in the iron profiles, while the doors and windows are made of orange wood. Great attention is also paid to the interior finishes and furnishings. These spaces were adapted for residential use in 1947 by Lingeri himself when he changed ownership.