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Revisiting art history is a practice that has become established, especially since the 1990s, and has been defined by Nicolas Bourriaud in terms of "re-appropriation", i.e. the reuse of images from the world of culture and art history. But already at the end of the 1970s, many women artists were reflecting in their work on the legacy of the avant-garde and on the consequences that these early experimental forms had for modern languages, entering into a dialogue with the history of abstract art and at the same time opening up new avenues of research. 
The works of the artists presented here share a reflective approach to art and abstract art in particular. This aspect is evident in Luisa Lambri photograph or Lucia Pescador's installation, which consists of drawings that mimic the works of Malević in the form of "notes", but can also be seen in the works of Mirella Bentivoglioand in those that dialogue with anthropology, such as Maria Lai's sewn canvases and Franca Ghitti's sculptures. The creation of the work itself is filtered through the idea that the artist wants to express, as in the structures by Claudia Peill or in the drawings by Alessandra Bonelli that have a strong projectual character.