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The Abstract Places

This itinerary includes places that have been important to the history of abstract art in Como. Villa Olmo, a venue for major historical exhibitions, such as the Exhibition of Cinematographic Scenography in 1936, to be emphasised for its role in the historicisation of "abstract films", and the Como Pinacoteca (Art Gallery), which houses the works of the "Como Group" and a venue of prestigious exhibitions that over the years have reinterpreted and re-evaluated the connections, influences and sources of the Abstract artists, such as "L'Europa dei Razionalisti"(The Europe of Rationalists). The tour leads to Il Salotto Gallery, a centre of contemporary art on Lake Como and with more than seven hundred exhibitions, to the Istituto di Setificio (Silk Factory Institute) and to the Museo Didattico della Seta (Silk Educational Museum), evidence of the importance of fabric processing in the area. Lastly, it includes historical places where the Como abstracts were formed: Manlio Rho's studio, a meeting place for artists in the 1930s and 1940s; the Circolo della Vela, which witnessed Carla Badiali's passage through the city in the early years of her training; and the Giosuè Carducci Institute, which hosted Giannina Censi among its leading cultural events.  Lithos Editions, now a Cultural Association, testifies to the eclectic nature of Como's arts, an important centre for the publication of fine book editions.

  • Duration:

    1-2 days
  • Municipalities involved: